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IQNA Editors

This is an overview of our current group of editors. We are constantly looking for new editors. Do you have what it takes to be a writer, do you have an enormous network, and do you feel the need to share inspiring projects with the world? Let us know!

Frans Peeters

Frans Peeters

Frans Peeters – Senior Editor in residence

Moustafa (Nickname)

Prince (Nickname)

 Prince (editor in residence)

Corline van Es

Corline van Es

Corline van Es (editor in residence)

A.C.A. Dake

Dr A.C.A. Dake

 Dr A.C.A. Dake (guest editor)

Annet Röst

Annet Röst

Annet Röst (guest editor)

Chave (Nickname)

Claudia Salomon

 Claudia Salomon (guest editor)