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IQNA Financial Overview


In order to keep the movement moving, and to facilitate actions and campaigns initiated by IQNA-supporters, we need funds. IQNA is non profit organization and therefore has no commercial goals nor objectives.

When donating to the IQNA Foundation, you can be sure your contributions are spent efficiently and effectively. All of IQNA’s finances will be published on this website quarterly and will be completely transparent. It goes without saying that your anonymity is 100% guaranteed.

IQNA Bank account details

  • NL61 ABNA 052.26.747

Dutch Chamber of Commerce details: KvK no. 59462655 | BTW (VAT) no. 853501488B01

Summary IQNA financial overview initial phase

Initial funding

In December 2013 IQNA thus far has received a bank guarantee of 50.000 euro from the Dutch entrepreneur Dr A.C.A. Dake. This generous gesture has enabled IQNA register itself as a Dutch NGO and finance its initial costs. With the current bank guarantee IQNA has been able to launch the first appeal and support the current minimal organizational expenses.

IQNA’s goal is to become financial independent before the end of March 2014. By April 2014 the bank guarantee will end and IQNA is expected to sustain it selves.

Expenses October 2013 till February 2014

NGO registration 799.81 euro
Office rent 6000,00 euro
Website registration & development 7,528.02 euro
Campaign & management 20,558.08 euro
Total 34,885.91 euro

Expenses are including VAT


Without additional funding IQNA won’t be able to expand or prolong its current activities and organization. IQNA therefor seeks donations and volunteers to continue the foundation after April this year.