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Paris Muslims helped Jews during Second World War

Just recently, this official note from 1940 has been recovered from the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Vichy-regime. The Vichy Regime was a pro-Nazi government that controlled roughly half of France during WW II – as the Germans occupied the other half.

The note shows proof of Muslims helping Jews escape the consequences of the occupation.

Whereas nowadays emphasize is on the openly sympathetic vindications of some Palestinians and others Arabs during World War II towards the Nazi’s, it seems nice to show a different side to this story.

Sierk Plantinga, former chief of the reading room of the Dutch National Archive who is an authority on the subject of illegal flight paths in the period of 1940-1944 out of Western Europe that led to neutral Portugal through France and Spain, found this note in Paris.

The translation of the note is as follows:

French Republic,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Sub director of political matters
Vichy, September 24, 1940

Note to the Minister

The Occupation Authorities suspect the staff of the Mosque of Paris are committing fraud by giving individuals of the Jewish Race certificates which state that they are Islamic.

The Imam has been summoned, in a minatory way, to cease immediately these kind of actions. It seems like many Israelis take to most elaborate tricks to hide their identities.

Frans Peeters

Frans Peeters is senior editor at IQNA. Previously he was editor at the Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland and foreign editor and military reporter at the Dutch daily Het Parool. He published Gezworen Vrienden, het geheime bondgenootschap tussen Nederland en Israël (Sworn Friends, the Secret Alliance between the Netherlands and Israel).

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